Helicopter Maintenance Services

We offer the full spectrum of services to keep your aircraft air worthy.


MPI (maintenance periodical inspections)

The AMO have a fully qualified team who are able to do your maintenance periodical inspections in accordance with standard aircraft practices. Consisting of a visual inspection of all helicopter parts and components to determine the airworthiness of the helicopter.

Faults finding on defects

The AMO will inspect, replace or fix any helicopter parts that have been deemed faulty prior to the scheduled service date.

Electrical diagnostics and repairs

We offer a full diagnostics and repairs service on all helicopters. Our qualified team of engineers are experienced in fault finding of electronic instruments and equipment such as gauges, instruments, radio transmitters etc.

general helicopter maintenance
helicopter engine maintenance


Engine diagnostics

The AMO engineers are able to effectively diagnose, find, test and solve any potential engine faults such as misfires, fueling or starting issues. For your peace of mind, The AMO also performs all our post-maintenance flights internally.

Component overhauls

The AMO’s qualified engineers will provide the highest level of service and work according to the highest technical standards for helicopter component repairs and overhauls. You can expect a quick turnaround time when it comes to maintenance, repairs and overhauls of helicopter parts.

Engine rebuilds and repairs

After every 2200 flying hours, helicopter rotor gearboxes and engines need to be overhauled. The AMO has all the latest state of the art equipment and skilled engineers in order to provide you with peace of mind that your aircraft will be good as new after a full engine rebuild.

Loaner Engines

Should our experienced team of engineers detect a faulty engine, The AMO is able to supply and install a loaner engine into your aircraft until such time as your helicopter’s engine is repaired or replaced.


Airframe inspections

We are fully equipped to perform full airframe inspections on all helicopters. If you have just bought a new helicopter, we would be able to identify any previous miss-use, or prior accidents by doing an inspection to look for any possible damage, cracks or bends on the helicopter airframe, which would need to be repaired before the helicopter would be able to fly again.

Airframe repairs

Our team of engineers are experienced in practising efficient and safe repair methods to airframes of ageing aircraft. The use of composite doublers is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your helicopter in a safe and reliable way.

Helicopter Track and balance

Poor assembly and improper alignment of either the main rotor trunion, tail rotor, drive-shaft or oil cooler fans, can often cause vibrations in the airframe. The AMO team are able to identify the cause of the vibrations and will perform a rotor track and balance in order to ensure a smooth helicopter ride.

helicopter airframe repairs
helicopter refurbishment spray painting


Helicopter respraying

We offer both interior and exterior spray painting of all helicopters with our high-tech aircraft spray booth. All stripping, prepping and respraying is done on-site. The AMO only uses approved, high-performance paint that can withstand all weather conditions and climates.

Interior upholstery

The AMO are also qualified and experienced to do the complete interior refurbishment of your helicopter. We are able to design and install seat coverings, construct and refurbish woodwork such as cabinetry, install carpets and soundproofing, repair and respray side panelling.

Rust removal (corrosion removal)

Corrosion often occurs in modern rotorcraft airframes composed of aluminium, magnesium and stainless steel. Helicopters in coastal areas will experience accelerated corrosion. It’s recommended that frequent rust removal is performed in order to maintain the aircraft and protect it from corrosion.